Guidelines For Visitors


Visiting Hours

  • We are aware of the importance of your family and friends and do recognize that they are an imperative part of your recovery process.
  • Keeping in mind the comfort of all our patients, we appeal you to limit your visitors during the duration of the mentioned visiting hours
  • Further visitors may perhaps be constrained according to the patient’s medical condition and/or special needs.
  • During the process of the admission, passes are issued for the attendants and visitors. We request your attendant and visitors to wear those passes whilst in the hospital premises.
  • Only 2 visitors/day are permitted according to the guidelines formulated for the visitors
  • Incase you are not available during the visiting hours, talk to the nursing staff incharge of the respective ward to make an arrangement for an alternative time to visit

Guidelines for children

Children under 12 years of age of 12 are not allowed within the patient floors. This is to protect children from acquiring any hospital acquired infections.

Use of wireless equipment within our premises

Phones and other wireless equipment should be switched in the intensive care zones in the hospital, such as ICCU/ICU/NICU/PICU and AMC as they interfere with the patient monitoring systems

Please read and follow all the posted signs about the handling of cell phones, solely in the approved areas. In case of use of the cell phone in the approved areas make sure to converse in a soft tone so that the other patients in the hospital are not troubled.


  • The whole of the premises within the hospital is a “No smoking zone”
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks or any other type of intoxicants is stringently barred within the hospital

Hand hygiene

  • Sanitize your hands before and after visiting the hospital
  • Use an alcohol based sanitizer or soap and water to clean your hands


Visitors ought to park their vehicles in the allocated parking areas

Dealing with emergencies

In case of any emergency such as a disaster or an alarm individuals visiting the hospital should leave the hospital immediately

However, for patients, it is the responsibility of the hospital for which an evacuation plan has already been made

Violence and aggression towards the staff

Nursing staff may restrict the number of the visitors if the condition necessitates it

Violence and aggression towards our staff, patients or members of the public are not tolerated in our hospital

Hospital management

Since inception, Vijay group of hospitals has benefitted from our sturdy, dynamic and self-governing board members to our skilled and globally disseminated senior management team. This group of hospital operates both outpatient and inpatient care under one cover. Our hospital management team focuses their attention on issues including budgeting, hospital public relations and collection from insurance companies or other payers affiliated with this network

Hospital administrators coordinate healthcare services taking charge of every department in the hospital, and essential duties such as hiring medical personnel, working with fundraising campaigns and ensure that people comply with the regulations of the hospital policies

Visitor Guide

Vijay Hospital strongly believes that the emotional support provided by family and friends can go a long way in helping the patient recover on a positive note. To encourage a quick and healthy recovery, our processes have been designed in a patient and visitor friendly way. If your loved one is admitted to Vijay Hospital, then the following guidelines can prove helpful when you come visiting:

Visiting Guidelines:

  • If you wish to visit your loved one, please collect a visiting badge from the admission desk. If you are an official or vendor, you will receive an appropriate badge. Please return this badge at the desk after the end of your visit.
  • Visitors with infectious diseases like cold, cough or otherwise unwell must refrain from visiting the patient.
  • In case you are visiting a loved one in the ICU, please refrain from carrying food, flowers and other items as personal space is limited. Pictures, silk flowers and cards are acceptable. The ICU atmosphere must be maintained on an appropriate privacy and safety levels, please make sure that you are not disturbing the healing space of other patients and attendants.
  • While visiting a loved one in a shared room, please be mindful of the belongings and personal space of the other patients.
  • Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed inside patient rooms.
  • Schedule a visit with your loved one before visiting. This allows the patient to be prepared for the visit.
  • Your visit may be interrupted by care givers for some patient care routines.
  • Ensure you sit at a comfortable distance from the patient and the attached drips or catheters. Never touch any medical wires, open wounds or equipment in the patient’s room.
  • You may use only the public toilets outside the patient’s room.
  • You are strictly prohibited from smoking or drinking within the hospital premises.